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Have the adrenaline rush pumping through your veins as you enjoy a quad bike tour on the sandy dunes of the Dubai desert.

Explore The Desert Of Dubai On A Quad Biking Tour With Quad Bike Dubai!

Are you one of those off-road enthusiasts who like to test the limits? If so, our quad biking Dubai tours are handmade for your needs. We have some exceptional packages which make your Dubai desert experience unforgettable.

For some people, quad biking is simply a passion and a hobby. That adrenaline rush when you push on the throttle hits differently. For others, it is a perfect way of exploring the vast desert of Dubai.

So, a quad Dubai biking tour is a perfect anti-dote for your off-road cravings. Not only will you be able to properly explore the dunes of Dubai. But you will also be able to enjoy the adrenaline rush of biking in the desert to the fullest.

At Quad Bike Dubai, we believe in continuous advancement and professionalism. We have a dedicated team of professionals that will attend to you during your tours. Are a beginner that has doubts about riding a quad bike? Well, our professional is here to get that fear factor out of your chest!

Our Primary Tours And Services

At Quad Bike Dubai, we believe that our esteemed customers are like a family to us. So, making sure that they have the best experience of their life is our responsibility. It required a lot of hard work in developing packages that offer the utmost fun.

Below are some of the top-notch desert off-road activities that you can avail at Quad Bike Dubai.

Quad Bike Sessions:

In the past, it was an extremely underrated off-road activity that is now gaining some popularity in the dunes of Dubai. Due to the rise in the age of social media, people from around the world are watching quad bike videos.

Well, how about doing it in real-time right! That would feel 10 times better than watching a video online. We have made sure that our quad bikes are top-notch and the latest.

We will make sure that our professionals guide you in such a way that you end up with a camera roll full of quad bike tour memories!

Dirt Bike Tours:

As a fan of rugged dirt bikes, most of our support team paid great attention to this tour. We made sure that our dirt bikes are finely tuned and up to date. We have arguably some of the best dirt bikes in Dubai at our disposal.

There is plenty of nerve-wracking packages which we offer! You can subscribe to the package of your choice or you can consult us and we will book a great package for you.

Dune Buggy Experience:

By taking things a step further this time around. We at Quad Bike Dubai have made full arrangements for a superb dune buggy experience.

A dune buggy experience in the desert of Dubai is one of the most refreshing experiences one can have. How is that you might be asking? Well, a dune buggy is an off-roader that is more comfortable than a dirt bike. Not only this but multiple people can also ride the buggy.

All in all, we have the perfect packages in this category for you to take advantage of. We will be providing you complete guidance, professional staff will attend to you and you will also be suited up in safety gear.


Quad Bike Dubai

Packages & Price

1 Hour Tour

550 AED

2 Hour Tour

750 AED

3 Hour Tour

850 AED

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How Do We Improve Your Experience!

We at Quad Bike Dubai are here to add that extra layer of thrill to your every adventure. There are many aspects where we try to improve the experience of our valuable users. We are pleased to share some of these aspects with you!

Comfort Is Priority

Keeping the comfort aspect in mind, we are providing pick-up and drop-off services in almost all of our ongoing tours. All you have to do is get ready on time; our representative will pick you up from your hotel lobby.

Professional Guide For Your Tour

At Quad Bike Dubai, we don’t leave you unattended. The experience of our users is what counts the most. So, to make things more convenient we have hired professional guides that will accompany you on the tour.

Best Prices

Whilst earning our bread and butter we still believe in offering affordable prices. At Quad Bike Dubai you can subscribe to fun and exciting atv Dubai, quad biking Dubai, dirt bike, and dune buggy packages.

Refreshments & Much More

Depending on your package, there will be refreshments included too! Be sure to select the package that comes with refreshments and we will keep you energized throughout the day.

Choose Your Favorite State Of The Art Bike For Tour

We at Quad Bike Dubai believe in a business model that focuses on the needs of our valuable customers. And when you are an off-roader; it is on your priority list to enjoy the tour on your favorite bike.

No matter which sort of tour you choose, you will always have the flexibility to ride on your favorite bike. Consequently, we have a wide range of the latest models with some superb modifications that will increase your excitement and thrill.

So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself the next possible tour and we are ready to host you on an amazing tour. Our state-of-the-art bikes are waiting for a passionate off-roader to hit that gas pedal!

Catch Up On Concerts And Explore The Arabian Deserts

Visiting the sandy dunes of the Dubai desert is always filled with infinite fun factors. You might not even know that a concert is happening right at the time you complete your quad biking tour?

The quad bike Dubai experience is not only for fulfilling your off-road cravings. But you can have fun in multiple other ways too. We consider this is a bonus for our customers.

We hope that the next time when you book a tour with us, you might get lucky and end up meeting a global celebrity or take part in some exciting event. It is a Dubai desert, after all, expect the unexpected here!

When it comes to exploring the desert of Dubai. There is no better way than to do it on a quad bike of your choice. Well, as one of the pioneer quad bike rental providers in Dubai. We must ensure that our customers have an unmatchable experience.

During your tour, there will be a local guide who will be accompanying you throughout the tour. You need him! And guess what he is there. He will guide you through the various ways of exploring the unexplored desert of Dubai.

Quad Bike Dubai

Everything you need to know

  • We provide all necessary gear you will need for all our tours.
  • Our staff are all trained First Aiders.
  • All our machines are customized for desert touring.
  • Mechanics and recovery team are always on standby for the rare instance that a breakdown may occur.
  • Safety and operation briefing before each tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quad Bike Dubai FAQs

You can book a tour right from the website. We have an easy-to-use website and you can easily book your desired package from here. On the flip side, you can also call us at the given numbers on the website to book your tour.

Yes, we offer to pick up and drop off in our tours. For more details, you can contact us on the given numbers.

Refreshments are included in some packages. You can check the details from the booking section.

Yes, we will provide you with the essential safety gear for off-road activities.

We operate on a 24/7 365 days basis. That is good news for you right! You can book us at any time!

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